Shizzel 50ml shortfill (Vaperstar own blend)

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Shizzel is an incredibly moreish & meltingly edible lemon pastry, Lovingly created & straight from the bakers oven, warm, chewy, rich & zesty…. sumptuously fresh juicy lemons & a crumbly munchy pastry….
Simply a ‘TART’ made in Heaven!

2 reviews for Shizzel 50ml shortfill (Vaperstar own blend)

  1. J.T

    Think lemon tart. But think of a very bright zesty lemon something like old lemon curd that’s what you get primarily and then think of a nice light sweet pastry that it’s all sitting on top of lingering in the background. Sometimes it’s extra sweet sometimes it’s super zesty but it will always keep you returning for more!

  2. Patricia Koning

    Truy what you see is what you get. Smell and taste those lemons. Zingy sweet with that georgeous buttery pastery aftertaste.

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