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A shared passion & spirit for all things ‘Vape’ related.

A very warm welcome from all the passionate Co-workers here at RICOVAPES: David, Rico, Olly & Defoe.
Thank you for visiting our website which was designed with ‘YOU’ in mind and we hope you like it.
RICOVAPES is a small, bespoke & innovative company that has 6 years’ experience in the ‘VAPING’ industry.
From a small initial idea 6 years ago 3 friends got together with a shared passion & spirit for all things ‘VAPE’ related.
During that 6 years we started making our own E-liquids. Between us there is now 10 years of experience in producing high quality E liquids with an amazing & deliciously wide range of flavors to satisfy any taste buds.
This has now grown into a whole new business & as people have discovered the depths of our flavors, consistent top quality and our straight forwards approach to service it has grown to become a go to e-liquid for thousands of satisfied customers across the UK.

About Rico Vapes

Premium E-Liquids

Vape happy & we hope you enjoy us!